Kris Ife Now and Then

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Little Kris 1st. band- skiffle group
The Gravediggers at school concert 1958
L. to R. Unknown/Peter Vince
(Later an E.M.I. engineer & producer)/ The late Alfie Grant/ Kris on washboard.

"The Quantril's Raiders"
L to R Iain "Pod" Roles, Jeff Pierce, Billy Pyle, Kris Singing "Tom Dooley"
at Seaton, Devon - Aug. 1959

Baby Vikings - who needs a bass player?
L. to R. John Howell/Kris/Ray Hailey/Roger Mckew
"Well 'ard" - ready to rape & pillage! The Vikings.
L. to R. Phil Leavesley-bass/John-now on organ/Ray-drums/Alan "Dean Jarret" Smith-singer/Kris-rhythm guitar Seated front. Roger-lead guitar
The Vikings with Paul Raven (Later "Gary Glitter") at Birmingham

Q5 1964 R. Ray/The late John"Satch"Goswell-sax/Kris/Richard Barnes- new bass player/Roger/John Kris with Q5 van

Q5. 1965 R. Back. Satch/Roger "Tex" Marsh- new drummer/John/Roger Seated Front. Richard/Kris Pensive moment in Q5 Q5.1965 Back row. Richard/Kris/Tex

Photo for newspaper following
Windsor Castle gig
Q5 1964 giveaway photo
(we all had individual ones)

"The Top Ten XI"
Back Row (L to R)
Ben Howard
Unknown Kris Ife Gerry Chambers
Ed Stewart
John Lyons
Gene Latter
Dick Richardson
(British & European Heaveweight Boxer)
Front Row
  Troy Dante
Unknown Barry Rutter
Miki Anthony
Kevin O'Shea
  Bill Kenright
(Then Singer - Now Inpresario)

Reunion at Kris' 1999
Kris/Ray/Richard posing well

Kris modelling shot Mark Wirtz & Kris signing for Larry Page's Pub Co.
Page Full of Hits

J Vincent Edwards- Left and Kris- Right(Jackson & Jones)
at a Radio Luxembourg party
California Dreaming
typical 70's medallion man

Quiet Five live at Hemsby - October 2007

Kris Oct.2007 Kris/John/Ray/Richard/Roger

Kris with 'The Beaver Street Hat Band' - October 2008

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