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About Groovy Uncle

Groovy Uncle is the solo project of Medway musician Glenn Prangnell. Glenn formed his first band, The Offbeats, in 1983 who soon became a staple of the Medway Bands scene. Playing at popular venues such as the now long gone and sadly missed MIC club alongside such luminaries as The Prisoners, The Dentists, The Claim and The Milkshakes (featuring the now much respected artist and former "Stuckist" Billy Childish), the band went their separate ways in 1987 after recording just one album, "In Rhythm-Off Beat".

Glenn then formed his next band with ex-Milkshakes drummer Bruce Brand, Johnny Barker and Johnny Gawen. The Kravin’ A’s recorded one album-the garage classic "Krave On"- and an E.P "Pushin’ and A’ Shovin’". They finally split in 1991 when Glenn joined Rock’n’Roll party band Johnny and The Bandits who morphed into Goodchilde and started to play original material. This band comprised Allan Crockford, Johnny Barker and Wolf Howard. Two albums-"Elizabeth’s Talking Straight Into My Head" and "Straight Out The Fridge"-and a single-"Sarapeutic"/"Chips With Everything"-were recorded before Goodchilde finally called it a day in 1997.

After a couple of years in the wilderness, Glenn recorded a six track demo of new material with Allan Crockford and Darryl Hartley under the " joke" name of Groovy Uncle. The name came about after a review of a David Bowie performance in which a critic described him "prancing about like some groovy uncle at a family disco". The three-piece Groovy Uncle dissolved but Glenn carried on writing and recording solo and eventually plucked up courage to put some songs on My Space in February 2007.

It was via the magic of My Space that Glenn hooked up with State Records in 2009 and recorded a single "Monkey Trousers"/"Now Your Pain Is Over"(vinyl) which was released on their record label in March 2010. An album- "Play Something We Know!"(vinyl and download)- followed a year later and was very well received, gaining very favourable reviews in magazines including "Shindig!"and "Record Collector".

By mid 2011 Cardiff-based singer Suzi Chunk had joined the line-up and a vinyl single- "Look Back And Laugh"/"Tripwire"- was released as her debut in April 2012. The debut Suzi Chunk album "Girl From The Neck Down" is set for release in August 2012.

The Groovy Uncle line-up is ever changing and is mainly a recording project with the occasional live gig. The line-up (including guest appearances on recordings) has thus far featured:

Glenn Prangnell, Suzi Chunk, Mole, Marty Ratcliffe, Ian Snowball, Ben Jones, Allan Crockford, Paul Moss, Bob Collins, Chris Hearsey, Johnny Barker, Darryl Hartley, Nick Rice, Bruce Brand, Phil Brown, Peter White and John Littlefair.