My musical life

Born and raised in Liverpool, England.

My first record player at age 11. First album: Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

First guitar at age 11: Hofner President. Started teaching myself to play. Wrote songs for myself. Voice broke and the beautiful soprano became a hoarse beast! Decided I wanted to be in bands but wanted to get qualified, do well at school etc.

First band was a bunch of a hairy wannabe rockers whose template was Def Leppard. My hair wasn’t long enough. I was the only writer in the band and they didn’t like my songs. Neither did I. Wasn’t comfortable writing bog-standard rock. Band split and I took the singer.

Next band was 'One On One'. In a short space of time we became quite big in Liverpool. Too many writers in the band messed things up. Stopped not far short of punch-ups. I kept the singer and the drummer!!!

Continued with the name (we were a rock band 'stripy trousers' and gelled up hair). We made a short appearance on regional tv. Despite my efforts the band sucked and we split. I kept the drummer. The singer went to France to join a Heavy Metal band called 'H-Bomb' and the bassist went to the pub.

I decided to develop a career as a hard drinking womaniser. On the quiet I was writing and recording pretty little pop songs. I gingerly approached Gordon Logan (my drummer) with these tapes. He went ape over them. Virgin Records really liked us but didn’t feel that the market was right for us. We tried out bass players. We morphed from ‘Zen Machine’ to ‘Go For Soda’. Go For Soda (again) became HUGE in Liverpool in a very short space of time. We were 3-piece gtr/bs/drms. I sang, wrote all the songs. We were great!!!

I must mention that GFS was the first band I ever sang in. This is all down to the faith of Gordon Logan who is probably the single most influential person in my musical development (not including the musical influences of course).

We got ourselves a manager. He was into making porn and wanted me in the films. I turned him down. Not the first of many mistakes! LOL!

We were on the verge of greatness when I got weary of Liverpool. I went to live in Portugal where I sang standards for the holidaymakers.

Although I returned to the UK and did a little bit of session work in London (for the former 'One On One' singer Patrick Diamond) I was no longer interested in stardom.

The music I wanted to make was rather out of reach and intensely personal.

I moved to Devon and joined various blues bands, all of which were a means to an end.

I formed a power trio called ‘Legion’ who did Led Zep covers, a few originals, and I could indulge my Frank Marino-esque psychedelic predilections! Band disbanded due to outside forces.

I have continued to write but have concentrated more on being a family man.

This all changed when I posted 4 songs on Myspace.

The response has been quite phenomenal.

I am now back in love with music and I think the world is now ready for some heartfelt passionate songs about love.

Ugly music is considered cool, now it’s the turn of beauty to rise once more!!!