Mark Byrne
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MARK BYRNE - Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Mark Byrne Mark Byrne was born in Manchester UK into a prominent musical family. From a very young age Mark showed his love for music and at the age of 9 years he was enrolled into The Royal College of Music in Manchester where he studied the piano. Mark developed a passion for brass and whilst at school he also learnt how to play the Trombone. His determination and commitment to the trombone saw Mark join a 25 piece band at the tender age of 13 years.

Des Byrne Mark's father a gifted and successful accordionist soon recognised that his son was very talented and a natural on stage and offered Mark a position in his own playing bass guitar. Despite being only 14 years of age when he took up the position Mark proved to be a huge asset to the band and has never looked back since.
Over the years Mark has been head hunted by several bands not only for his musical talents but for his rich baritone voice singing Irish and Country songs.

Mark took the decision to go as a solo artist 4 years ago and is in high demand ever since. Mark has a wealth of experience and has performed all over the UK, Ireland and Europe. He has recently finished recording his first album "Any Town In Ireland" and also made a TV appearance with his video " Mothers Loves a Blessing" which has received huge applause.

Mark is passionate about singing and audiences are always won over by his truly gifted voice and his deep warm manner.
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