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Andy Martin

It seems like a lifetime ago now since a small boy stood up in front of an audience for the very first time, as a member of his school choir.

The audience applauded at the end, and the seed was sewn for that young boy to want more of this feeling, the stage, the crowd, and the applause.

After leaving school, however, it was to take a few years before Andy took his initial steps on the show business ladder. A chance meeting with an old school friend one night in his local pub, gained him an introduction to a band who were looking for a singer to replace their current frontman! They all seemed to hit it off, and from that chance meeting Andy’s first band Deep Water was formed.

They spent several years ploughing the circuit of holiday camps, social clubs etc with great success, even introducing some original material into their act from time to time, which was very well received.

As often happens though Deep Water eventually went their separate ways, and again Andy had a year or two out of the business before he found the right vehicle for his talent.

While on holiday with that same old school friend, a very experienced musician himself, they decided to form a band together. They found two other members to complete the line up, and Black Ice became a reality at last!

The Fabulous Black Ice, as they were known, had huge success on the circuit. Every year playing summer seasons, and in big demand on the corporate entertainment scene.

Black Ice
Black Ice

In 1999, as lead singer with Black Ice, Andy performed at The Stage newspaper Showcall Showcase in Stratford-upon-Avon, probably the most prestigious showcase in the entertainment calendar. His performance elicited the following comments from The Stage’s own scribe; - “Black Ice gave us David Alexander’s hit song The Answer to Everything, with the lead singer straining at the leash to show us his seemingly endless vocal range”! High praise indeed when you consider the calibre of acts who attend this annual event!

Shortly after this Black Ice left for a series of concerts in Malta at the Corinthia Hotels group’s St George/Marina complex in St George’s Bay, where they entertained top executives from the Sony Corporation during the Millennium Celebrations.

After their return to the UK, Black Ice continued for several more years with great success, but eventually, sadly, disbanded.

It was after this period that Andy decided to strike out on his own as a solo artist.

He has a number of different shows which he performs, believing in being as flexible as possible, including a tribute to the music of the late, great, Welsh legend, David Alexander, something of a labor of love for Andy who remains a huge fan!

He has appeared all over the UK to rave reviews.

Ever eager though to continue to expand his horizons, Andy is now looking to take his show to his fans in the USA, who have been pleading with him to tour over there for quite some time! He is also planning to hit the high seas and take his show into the cruise ship market. If talent and determination are the requirements to get him there, you can expect the name of Andy Martin to soon become synonymous with the quality entertainment that this market already provides.

Check out the video page to hear some of my music.

Andy Martin Cabaret Singer
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