Ursula Carrow
Ursula Carrow Ursula Carrow, opera singer and voice teacher, was born in Heidelberg, Germany and moved to the USA when she was 17 years old. She has been singing since the age of five.

Married to a U.S. soldier at the age of 15 and moved to the U.S.A. at the age of 17. Ursula has four children

After her husband, John, returned from service in Vietnam they moved back to Germany where Ursula went back to school studying music in Karlsruhue, Germany for four years to advance her career in music.
Ursula had a career singing all over Germany then moved back to the U.S.A. settling in Lawton, Oklahoma where she has been living for the past 50 years. She sang in clubs, retirement homes, and for weddings for a few years after settling in Lawton, OK. Living in Oklahoma has not been easy for Ursula's opera singing career because the area is more Country Western inclined and the residents do not like opera music for their main stream music entertainment.
Ursula then changed career focus for a while and went into childcare for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) taking care of and helping with abused children.

After 20 years, Ursula switched music genres to Classic Rock and is currently recording in the studio and teaching singing voice lessons.
Ursula Carrow

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