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Shakin Stevens & The Band

The TV show in East Berlin, is one of the rare TV appearances I’ve made with Shaky. Every time Shaky was on television (in the UK) performing a song that we had sung on, we would get paid a fee, but that’s not the same as performing with him. Mind you, I did have a break from touring for some time, which is probably the main reason for the lack of tv. Anthony, has several TV and video appearances to his credit, all in the period I was not touring.

I do remember however, getting  up at the crack of dawn a few  years  ago (actually December 12th, 1991), to sing ‘live’ on TV AM, with Shaky. I’m reliably informed that the song we performed was . “I’ll Be Home This Christmas”. There were another couple of TV’s that I did, both were Xmas shows where we did ‘Merry Xmas Everyone’. One was at one of the Wharfs in Docklands and the other was at The Design Centre in London. I can’t think of any other shows I did with him.

Anthony and I have played golf with Shaky at Wentworth, 2 or 3 times, which was always great fun. A few years ago, the three of us, took on the boss of Epic records (Paul Russell, who I used to work with, many years ago, in the days when I had a sensible job, albeit for 18 months), and a couple of other ‘CBS Executives’ at St. Pierre Golf Club in Chepstow.
We beat them!!
Shaky and I also played at the United Arab Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, while we were over there for some shows.

Shaky was invited by Cliff Richard, to play in his Xmas Celebrity Tennis Tournament at The Brighton Centre on December 21st 1985, along with Hank Marvin, Mike Read, Annabel Croft and others. I fixed him up with a bit of pre-tournament coaching from a pro-tennis player, who’s a friend of mine, the New Zealander, Onny Parun. After the match, all concerned, plus me John and Stu, entertained the crowd with-------- Xmas Carols!!!!

Shaky  has always had very loyal  fans, from all over Europe and Scandinavia, and the UK, who’ve stayed with him from the start, and of course, he’s picked up new fans along the way. He’s still looking to make more ‘Hits’, and is always looking for new songs to record. In fact, shortly after the ‘99 tour, we went into ‘Eden Studios’, Chiswick, and recorded 3 of the best received songs on the tour. Stuart Colman (who many people will remember, had been responsible for many of Shaky’s early hits) was back as producer.  So I’m sure there’s more to come from him. If you listen to some of the ‘country artists’ from Nashville, then you’ll probably hear the sort of sounds that Shaky was using back at the start of his career. He’s had the sort of success, that very few artists will ever match. We’ve had fun helping him!

Photographs © copyright Tony Rivers

TV AM (8.50a.m.!!)

Noel D’Abo, Shaky, John Wallis (boss of the Sheraton Hotel, Dubai) and me, after our game, on one of the worlds’ best golf courses

My wife Pat, Me, Shaky and Stu Calver at Cliff’s
‘Celebrity Tennis’ Brighton, 1985.