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Thank you for taking the time to drop in.

This site is for all those who have followed my musical career over the years, from the Royal Oak pub Dagenham, with the Cutaways, to ‘Live Aid’ at Wembley Stadium singing backing vocals with Elton John and George Michael, and for those that have recently become interested, due in no small part, to the work, and love of harmonies, of the now ‘legendary’ Thanks also to BENNY COOPER, without whom I’d probably never have got started,
TERRY OATES for getting us a record deal with EMI, and giving me the determination to prove him wrong!
BRIAN WILSON and the boys for ‘harmonies from heaven’.
CARL WILSON with the ‘voice’ from heaven.
BRUCE WELCH ‘cos he loves great harmonies, and accepts nothing less, and for his humour at all times.
JOHN PERRY, KEN GOLD, STU CALVER & my son ANTHONY,all FAB harmony singers.

Since this website was established,Stu Calver, sadly passed away on 3rd of October, 2000, after a battle against cancer. Stu had an absolutely ‘unique’ voice and range, and was just about the nicest man you could wish to meet. He will be greatly missed.

I'm very sad to inform everyone that Brian Hudson, drummer and harmony singer with Tony Rivers & The Castaways and Harmony Grass, died on Friday September 21st, from complications linked to cancer. Brian was a very good drummer, singer of harmonies, a real 'ladies man' (the girls loved him), and a great character, his 'stories' will live on. He is very much missed.

And finally my long suffering wife PAT for putting up with years of having to ‘sing this for me’ at all times of the day and night, and having to get used to my being on the road year after year in my quest for the ULTIMATE harmony. I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND IT !!!!

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