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David Stopp
David Stopp
David was bought up in North West London. A natural performer he was always acting, mimicking and singing; procuring lead roles at school plays, encouraged by his musically talented family. David wrote his first song aged thirteen, when his best school friend urged him to come up with lyrics to a tune David kept humming, so they could impress famous 60s DJ Alan (fluff) Freeman, whose car they used to clean!!!

The beginning of a compulsion that has never been cured! Over the years David worked with many writers as a lyricist but having been encouraged by his friend Vivian Stanshall, David was inspired to compose his own music. With brilliant pianist friend Allan Robertson, David started recording at BTW studios. Inspired by many including Ray Davies, David Bowie, John Lennon, Dylan, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynne, Noel Coward. Irving Berlin, Paul Simon and many more..

David has more recently recorded 4 acclaimed albums: Partly at Mews Productions London, and with Steve Du Melo in East Sussex.
They are:
> All available on CD and all download sites including itunes.

David recently appeared in the Melomedia Films production C.A.M and is keen to get involved in more productions.

His music has been played and favourably reviewed on BBC radio.